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Poems by Thomas Grosch (Nuncs)
Wendy’s Rabbit

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(Done to death in its native meadow on May 25th 1970)

Mama never
Taught me morals;
Nature whispers:
“Greens are sweet”.
Just because of
This dilemma
Death and I
Are soon to meet.

Labelled “Vermin”,
I’m convicted
Ere I’ve seen
The light of day:
In her wisdom
Has her orders;
I must pay.

Wendy loved
To see me gambol
In the meadow
Where we met.
“Pwetty little
Wabbit, mummy;
Can I have him
For a pet?”

Wendy’s love
Could never save me:
Gardener’s weapon
Spat its lead;
All was darkness
In the meadow;
Wendy’s precious
Now was dead.

Men will prate
Of perfect justice.
Death for stealing
Why are men
So inconsistent,

‘Tis the fate
Of little creatures
To be preyed on
By the strong.
Has Man never
Heard of Pity?
Is he never
In the wrong?

Nature seals
The fate of millions;
Who am I
When nature speaks?
Just a small
Defenceless rabbit
With a life
Of seven weeks.

26th May 1970

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