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Poems by Thomas Grosch (Nuncs)
Horse Nonsense

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(For Trevor who complains that horses are preferred to him)

Amelia once had all my heart;
Of her was all my dreaming:
A pony’s charm then won her love
And oft was I deserted.

My Iris, too, adored a nag;
Her kingdom was a stable:
And I was just her second love;
Her first love was the saddle.

Poor Pippins now is lame again
And Lena’s filled with sadness:
So Pippins now has all her love
And I’m, alas, rejected.

I sought an assignation then;
Back came the answer: “Neigh, sir!”
“To horse!” her everlasting cry:
A dust-cloud marked our parting.

Go, then, you fillies, join your herd;
Elsewhere my admiration.
A poodle I have made my friend
And true is his devotion.

But he a female of his kind
Espies and all is ended:
Once more affection turns awry,
Once more am I abandoned.

Oh, I shall take the monkish garb
And leave the world behind me.
But wait! There walks a likely wench:
Or does she own a stable?

Fantastic, friends! She has no horse!
She loves me willy-nilly:
And all my love is now for Sue,
My precious little filly!

1 January 1970

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