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Nunc’s Cars and motorcycles

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Nuncs was very fond of his cars, for most of the time I attended FGS his apple green MG adorned the forecourt but Page 66 and 67 of his autobiography records that it was by no means his only vehicle.

Before the war years he rode Panther, Matchless, Douglas and Vincent motorcycles which gave way to a push bike in 1941.

Post war his favoured steed was a Velocette motorcycle which he exchanged in 1950 for a twin cylinder Sunbeam. He describes it as a “A speeding ghost, vibration free, superb and rarely was the pillion seat to let’.

Two years later he sold it to Ernie “who had gazed at it with envious eyes” and it was then that the MG came on to the scene. By the end of the 1950s that too was sold and Nuncs would turn up at school in an Austin Healey Sprite which lasted for about two years when Nuncs was attracted to a Morris Mini.

His autobiography records that he still used it “with much repair”; the book was published in February 1972. Its log book showed up on ebay at the end of 2017 and was spotted by former FGS pupil Simon Smith.

Paul Lamont refers to Nuncs’ Mini in his ‘Memory’. See under Al-Fa Magazine.

Ernie is not otherwise identified.

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