Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
‘Charlie’ Upton’s 1st Year Form (1U)
In the West Field ‘Temporary Huts’
Form 1U
John Treble who supplied this picture suggested several names, since augmented by others. They are from left to right…
Front Row: Peter J. Phillips, M.D. Hughes (Mike or Spike, now a professor at Aberdeen Business School), Alan Mowat, Chris Cann, John Maskell, John McIvor.
Second Row: Peter Benlow, C.R. Hughes, unidentified, Mike Rutland, Mike King, Peter Gray.
Third Row: Unidentified, unidentified, Digory Warren, John G. Treble, obscured, unidentified.
Fourth Row: Andrew G. Pearce - leaning against wall, John Shepherd, David Allen, obscured, Richard Roper, Robert J. Phillips.
Fifth Row: Unidentified (standing), ‘Charlie’ Upton, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Kingsley Bolton.

Hover the pointer over identified faces to reveal the name. Can you identify more or offer correction or confirmation for the questionable names?

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