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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

Blackbushe Airport - Photos 1-23 

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Lockheed P2V-7 VP-11
141249 Lockheed P2V-7 VP-11 Sqn US Navy, coded LE
De Havilland Devon
VP961 De Havilland Devon, later civilianised as G-HBBC
Lockheed P2V-7 VP-11
141249 Lockheed P2V-7 VP-11 Sqn US Navy, coded LE
Vickers Viking of Independent Air Transport
Vickers Viking : Independent Air Transport
G-ALDO Handley Page Hermes
G-ALDO Handley Page Hermes : Airwork London
Vickers Viking Eagle
Vickers Viking : Eagle Airways (note Silver City car loading ramp)
Lin Pratt breaking the rules
Lin Pratt breaking the rules
YA-AAC Douglas DC-3 Ariana
YA-AAC Douglas DC-3 Ariana (Afghan) noted by Alan Lathan 29/11/58. Came from Zürich. It had a metal plate near the door bearing the registration number and fixed by two screws which Alan witnessed doing a disappearing act!
YA-AAC Douglas DC-3 Ariana
YA-AAC rear view
Vickers Viking Hunting-Clan
Vickers Viking of Hunting-Clan, starboard wheel immersed in puddle!
G-ALDK Handley Page Hermes
G-ALDK Handley Page Hermes : Britavia
G-ANTK Avro York Dan-Air
G-ANTK Avro York, Dan-Air, lovingly restored over 20 years to static exhibit at Duxford
0-72566 Douglas C-54 USAF Rescue
0-72566 Douglas C-54 USAF Rescue. Noted by Alan Lathan on 4 Aug 1958
50856 Douglas R5D-2Z
50856 Douglas R5D-2Z in front of the US Navy hangar
17108 Douglas R4D-8
17108 Douglas R4D-8 at the other end of hangar
51054 Beech SNB-5
51054 Beech SNB-5, plus 39109 R4D-8, both of FASRON 200 (based here
Eagle Viking
Eagle Airways Viking lined up for take-off to the West
Eagle Viking
Quick dash to other end
G-ALDG Handley Page Hermes
G-ALDG Handley Page Hermes : Airwork
39112 R5D-2 US Navy
39112 R5D-2 US Navy, coded 7C ‘Columbus’, later civilianised to Eastern Airlines
G-APAT Vickers Viking Eagle
G-APAT Vickers Viking : Eagle Airways with upper fuselage in red
G-AJEI Auster J/1N Alpha
G-AJEI Auster J/1N Alpha
91910 Convair CT-29A
91910 Convair CT-29A, formerly an XT-29 (rather special) - electronics (possibly Wiesbaden-based)
91910 Convair CT-29A
91910 Convair CT-29A departing