Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
The Cross Country Race Winners - 1943

Juniors - Back row
From left back to front right - House and position suffixed

J. Gilderdale - Kingsley (5th), J.E. Hinton - Dickens (4th), S. Waters - Dickens (1st), Mr. B.J.A. Neill (headmaster), Mr. W.C. Bishop (sportsmaster), D.M. Murrilman - Kingsley (2nd), C. Hignell - Kingsley (3rd), L.E. Graham - Dickens (6th).
A.W.F. A’Court - Beaufort (6th), K. Benson - Dickens (3rd), T. Durbidge - Wykeham (1st), N.P. Pascoe - Kingsley (2nd), J. Thomas - Wykeham (4th), G.R. Strickland - Kingsley (5th).

Trevor Durbidge, the winner of the 1943 race, now confines his sporting activities to playing indoor bowls competitively for a club in Torbay.

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