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The Cove Junior Football Team : 1959-60 Season
Junior League Champions Certificate
John Winterbourne’s Champions Certificate.

“Champions - well, OK, Joint Champions. We shared with Tower Hill (I think) and at the time we all felt robbed by a ‘homer’ referee when we played South Farnborough away at Queen’s Road. Refs were usually the home teacher in charge of the team, and he definitely cost us the points that day.”
Cove Junior year 4 football team 1959/60
From left back to front right

G. Maddox, Jeremy Rudge, Chris Walker, Richard Pendrey, Roger Chilton, John Winterbourne, Peter Over.
Stephen Short, Richard Jordan, Glen Setterington, John Parsons, Nigel Baird.
Peter Over’s brother Ian played in the 1952-53 Team.

This picture appears by kind permission of John Winterbourne.
Click here to see a larger version.

John writes… Jeremy, Richard, myself, Glen and Nigel all went on to F.G.S. (Glen via Cove Secondary) and we all represented the school at 1st XI level at one age or another. Jeremy was also School Chess captain for I think several years, and I doubt the school ever had a better player. I’ve been lucky enough over the years to play with some excellent footballers, that stood out as much better than their team mates, and Glen was one of those. Fabulous player.

The 1952-53 Cove Junior Team
The 1953-64 Cove Junior Team
The 1956-57 Cove Junior Team

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