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Cove Junior School - A Wonderful Night
Wonderful Night
"Cove Junior School Drama Club presents A Wonderful Night and Early Closing"
Paul Lamont recollects…
“Michael Hobby had a big drum (with school badge painted on) and his own hand-made (by his mother) guard’s uniform and the teachers made up a play or two, “A Wonderful Night”, about “Peter and Joan”, in dressing gowns dreaming that their toys came to life and they all played with the moon, stars, angels and night creatures. There was also a second play called “Early Closing” set in a Toy Shop where the proprietor was repainting the cheeks of a Fairy Queen but had only completed her right one when Miss Gibson said “It’s nearly one o’clock Mr. Appleby…”. Must have been a Wednesday and he had to close leaving the fairy’s left cheek unpainted. Of course all the toys came to life and had a party and fun by painting the fairy queen’s left cheek… cue Mr. Appleby looking puzzled next morning!

The photos have had the cast names added and reference should be made to the programme for the players. One of each of the “pairs” have names but unfortunately the “Fireflies”, “Crickets” and “Toy Soldiers” are just a number and my memory fails to differentiate between them. N.B. Smart teachers persuading children that they were toys and had to practice being very still and quiet for most of the time!

Michael Hobby comments…
“I was intrigued to see myself featured in the guardsman's uniform at the Cove Junior School play. Good heavens, how long ago was that?! I think it must have been about 1953 or ’54. A few of the names ring bells with me and I do remember a play (I don't know whether it was the same one) in which I was a toy soldier playing out of tune and a nurse gave me a dose of oil! There must have been other musicians because my line was (I think) "Thank you nurse, we shall all play beautifully now". There was a Mrs. Reeds playing the piano and she struck up ‘March of the Toy Soldiers’.”

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