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Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539

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Cove Junior Nativity play
Nativity : 1953
Cove Junior Nativity play
Nativity : 1953
Two slightly mystifying Cove Junior photographs from Phil Fouracre, lovingly preserved by his mother for more than fifty years. Mystifying because the costumes successfully disguise the participants who cannot be named except that Phil is able to say his brother John is second from left (1st photo) and third from left (2nd photo). Does anyone recognise themselves? Click either photo to see both enlarged.
Cove Junior Coronation pageant
Coronation Pageant : 1953
Cove Junior Dreams Drama
Bobby’s Dream : 1953
The Coronation photograph comes from Philip Fouracre. The tableaux featured represents Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visiting the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851.

The second photograph is from Elsie Pilbeam. It is of the cast of the Bobby's Dream which may have been part of the Coronation celebrations. Click the image for the (almost) full cast list.
Cove Junior Dreams Drama
A Wonderful Night : 1955
Cove Junior Dreams Drama
Early Closing : 1955
Photographs from Paul Lamont who is the Gollywog in striped trousers. To read recollection of the event from Paul and Michael Hobby, click either image.


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