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Switzerland - Spring 1960
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In 1960 Richard Scutter went on the school trip to Switzerland. He writes “I went on this excursion while in form 2R. I think it must have been in the Spring of 1960. When I rediscovered these old photographs I immediately remembered that it was Mr. Wilson who rowed our boat on Lake Thun. I cannot remember the names of any of the other teachers on the trip. Two boys I remember are Randall and Strange. Randall was tall and with a long stride, Strange was shorter with wavy hair, heavily Brylcreemed as was the fashion of the day. The hotel in Gunten survived our visit unscathed.”
FerryHotelLake Thun
The ferry to Ostende and the Park Hotel at Gunten.
Mr. WilsonDerek StrangeBerne
Rowing on Lake Thun and views of Berne.
In Berne and (right) the Oberland.
Various Oberland scenes.
Jungfrau 1Jungfrau 2Jungfrau 3
On the Jungfrau.

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